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Privacy policy
This privacy policy ("Policy")describes how the personallyidentifiable information ("PersonalInformation") you may provide onthe website ("Website"or "Service") and any of its relatedproducts and services (collectively,"Services") is collected, protectedand used. It also describes thechoices available to you regardingour use of your PersonalInformation and how you canaccess and update thisinformation. This Policy is a legallybinding agreement between- you("User", "you" or "your") and thisWebsite operator ("Operator","we", "us" or "our"). By accessingand using the Website andServices, you acknowledge thatyou have read, understood, andagree to be bound by the terms ofthis Policy. This Policy does notapply to the practices ofcompanies that we do not own orcontrol, or to individuals that we donot employ or manage. This privacypolicy was created with the help ofthe privacy policy generator.Automatic collection of informationOur top priority is customer datasecurity and, as such, we exercisethe no logs policy. We may processonly minimal user data, only asmuch as it is absolutely necessaryto maintain the Website andServices. Information collectedautomatically is used only toidentify potential cases of abuseand establish statisticalinformation regarding the usageand traffic of the Website andServices. This statisticalinformation is not otherwiseaggregated in such a way thatwould identify any particular userof the system.Collection of personal informationYou can access and use theWebsite and Services withouttelling us who you are or revealingany information by which someonecould identify you as a specific,identifiable individual. If, however,you wish to use some of thefeatures on the Website, you maybe asked to provide certainPersonal Information (for example,your name and e-mail address). Wereceive and store any informationyou knowingly provide to us whenyou publish content, or fill anyonline forms on the Website. Whenrequired, this information mayinclude any materials you willinglysubmit to us such as articles,images, feedback, etc.Some of the information we collectis directly from you via the Websiteand Services. However, we mayalso collect Personal Informationabout you from other sources suchas public databases and our jointmarketing partners. You canchoose not to provide us with yourPersonal Information, but then youmay not be able to takeadvantage of some of thefeatures on the Website. Userswho are uncertain about whatinformation is mandatory arewelcome to contact us.Use and processing of collectedinformationIn order to make the Website andServices available to you, or tomeet a legal obligation, we need tocollect and use certain PersonalInformation. If you do not providethe information that we request,we may not be able to provide youwith the requested products orservices. Any of the information wecollect from you may be used forthe following purposes:Respond to legal requests andprevent harmRun and operate the Websiteand ServicesProcessing your PersonalInformation depends on how youinteract with the Website andServices, where' you are located inthe world and if one of thefollowing applies: (i) you havegiven your consent for one or morespecific purposes; this, however,does not apply, whenever theprocessing of Personal Informationis subject to European dataprotection law; (ii) provision ofinformation is necessary for theperformance of an agreement withyou and/or for any pre-contractualobligations thereof; (iii) processingis necessary for compliance with alegal obligation to which you aresubject; (iv) processing is relatedto a task that is carried out in thepublic interest or in the exercise ofofficial authority vested in us; (v)processing is necessary for thepurposes of the legitimateinterests pursued by us or by athird party.Note that under some legislationswe may be allowed to processinformation until you object tosuch processing (by opting out),without having to rely on consentor any other of the following legalbases below. In any case, we willbe happy to clarify the specificlegal basis that applies to theprocessing, and in particularwhether the provision of PersonalInformation is a statutory orcontractual requirement, or arequirement necessary to enterinto a contract.Disclosure of informationDepending on the requestedServices or as necessary tocomplete any transaction orprovide any service you haverequested, we may share yourinformation with your consent withour trusted third parties that workwith us, any other affiliates andsubsidiaries we rely upon to assistin the operation of the Websiteand Services available to you. Wedo not share Personal Informationwith unaffiliated third parties.These service providers are notauthorized to use or disclose yourinformation except as necessary toperform services on our behalf orcomply with legal requirements. Wemay share your PersonalInformation for these purposesonly with third parties whoseprivacy policies are consistent withours or who agree to abide by ourpolicies with respect to PersonalInformation. These third partiesare given Personal Informationthey need only in order to performtheir designated functions, and wedo not authorize them to use ordisclose Personal Information fortheir own marketing or otherpurposes.Retention of informationWe will retain and use yourPersonal Information for the periodnecessary to comply with our legalobligations, resolve disputes, andenforce our agreements unless alonger retention period is requiredor permitted by law. We may useany aggregated data derived fromor incorporating your PersonalInformation after you update ordelete it, but not in a manner thatwould identify you personally. Oncethe retention period expires,Personal Information shall bedeleted. Therefore, the right toaccess, the right to erasure, theright to rectification and the rightto data portability cannot beenforced after the expiration ofthe retention period.The rights of usersYou may exercise certain rightsregarding your informationprocessed by us. In particular, youhave the right to do the following:(i) you have the right to withdrawconsent where' you havepreviously given your consent tothe processing of your information;(ii) you have the right to object tothe processing of your informationif the processing is carried out on alegal basis other than consent; (iii)you have the right to learn ifinformation is being processed byus, obtain disclosure regardingcertain aspects of the processingand obtain a copy of theinformation undergoing processing;(iv) you have the right to verifythe accuracy of your informationand ask for it to be updated orcorrected; (v) you have the right,under certain circumstances, torestrict the processing of yourinformation, in which case, we willnot process your information forany purpose other than storing it;(vi) you have the right, undercertain circumstances, to obtainthe erasure of your PersonalInformation from us; (vii) you havethe right to receive yourinformation in a structured,commonly used and machinereadable format and, if technicallyfeasible, to have it transmitted toanother controller without anyhindrance. This provision isapplicable provided that yourinformation is processed byautomated means and that theprocessing is based on yourconsent, on a contract which youare part of or on pre-contractualobligations thereof.Privacy of childrenWe do not knowingly collect anyPersonal Information from childrenunder the age of 18. If you areunder the age of 18, please do notsubmit any Personal Informationthrough the Website and Services.We encourage parents and legalguardians to monitor theirchildren's Internet usage and tohelp enforce this Policy byinstructing their children never toprovide Personal Informationthrough the Website and Serviceswithout their permission. If youhave reason to believe that a childunder the age of 18 has providedPersonal Information to us throughthe Website and Services, pleasecontact us. You must also be oldenough to consent to theprocessing of your PersonalInformation in your country (insome countries we may allow yourparent or guardian to do so onyour behalf).CookiesThe Website and Services use"cookies" to help personalize youronline experience. A cookie is atext file that is placed on yourhard disk by a web page server.Cookies cannot be used to runprograms or deliver viruses to yourcomputer. Cookies are uniquelyassigned to you, and can only beread by a web server in the domainthat issued the cookie to you.We may use cookies to collect,store, and track information forstatistical purposes to operate theWebsite and Services. You havethe ability to accept or declinecookies. Most web browsersautomatically accept cookies, butyou can usually modify yourbrowser setting to decline cookiesif you prefer. You may learn moreabout cookies and how they workhere.Do Not Track signalsSome browsers incorporate a DoNot Track feature that signals towebsites you visit that you do notwant to have your online activitytracked. Tracking is not the sameas using or collecting information inconnection with a website. Forthese purposes, tracking refers tocollecting personally identifiableinformation from consumers whouse or visit a website or onlineservice as they move acrossdifferent websites over time. TheWebsite and Services do not trackits visitors over time and acrossthird party websites. However,some third party sites may keeptrack of your browsing activitieswhen they serve you content,which enables them to tailor whatthey present to you.Links to other resourcesThe Website and Services containlinks to other resources that arenot owned or controlled by us.Please be aware that we are notresponsible for the privacypractices of such other resourcesor third parties. We encourage youto be aware when you leave theWebsite and Services and to readthe privacy statements of eachand every resource that maycollect Personal Information.Information securityWe secure information you provideon computer servers in acontrolled, secure -environment,protected from unauthorizedaccess, use, or disclosure. Wemaintain reasonableadministrative, technical, andphysical safeguards in an effort toprotect against unauthorizedaccess, use, modification, anddisclosure of Personal Informationin its control and custody.However, no data transmissionover the Internet or wirelessnetwork can be guaranteed.Therefore, while we strive toprotect your Personal Information,you acknowledge that (i) there aresecurity and privacy limitations ofthe Internet which are beyond ourcontrol; (ii) the security, integrity,and privacy of any and allinformation and data exchangedbetween- you and the Website andServices cannot be guaranteed;and (iii) any such information anddata may be viewed or tamperedwith in transit by a third party,despite best efforts.Data breachIn the event we become awarethat the security of the Websiteand Services has beencompromised or users PersonalInformation has been disclosed tounrelated third parties as a resultof external activity, including, butnot limited to, security attacks orfraud, we reserve the right to takereasonably appropriate measures,including, but not limited to,investigation and reporting, as wellas notification to and cooperationwith law enforcement authorities.In the event of a data breach, wewill make reasonable efforts tonotify affected individuals if webelieve that there is a reasonablerisk of harm to the user as a resultof the breach or if notice isotherwise required by law. Whenwe do, we will post a notice on theWebsite.Changes and amendmentsWe reserve the right to modify thisPolicy or its terms relating to theWebsite and Services from time totime in our discretion and willnotify you of any material changesto the way in which we treatPersonal Information. When we do,we will post a notification on themain page of the Website. We mayalso provide notice to you in otherways in our discretion, such asthrough contact information youhave provided. Any updatedversion of this Policy will beeffective immediately upon theposting of the revised Policy unlessotherwise specified. Yourcontinued use of the Website andServices after the effective dateof the revised Policy (or such otheract specified at that time) willconstitute your consent to thosechanges. However, we will not,without your consent, use yourPersonal Information in a mannermaterially different than what wasstated at the time your PersonalInformation was collected.Acceptance of this policyYou acknowledge that you haveread this Policy and agree to all itsterms and conditions. By accessingand using the Website and Servicesyou agree to be bound by thisPolicy. If you do not agree to abideby the terms of this Policy, you arenot authorized to access or usethe Website and Services.Contacting usIf you would like to contact us tounderstand more about this Policyor wish to contact us concerningany matter relating to individualrights and your PersonalInformation, you may do so via thecontact form.This document was last updatedon March 9, 2021